The Life Impact of Abortion on Male Partners



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In relation to females, males have consistently been left out of research regarding abortion. When male partners are mentioned in abortion literature, they are often talked about briefly, and little is understood about how this experience affects them. The purpose of the study was to provide an in-depth understanding of how male partners' lives are impacted when their past or current partner endorses a legal abortion. Additionally, an overall goal was to provide a space for male partners to share their stories, experiences, and voices in hopes that we can know how to support this population better. Using a multiple case study analysis, three male participants were each interviewed about the abortion decision, the ways their lives were impacted, the stigma and grief faced, and what support they were given and needed. Although each case was unique and individual from the other, across all three men involved, an alignment of mental health concerns, emotional inauthenticity, muting own values to be a supportive partner, wanting support, and not asking for help was identified. This study contributed to the literature by documenting 'how' male partners are affected by the abortive experience. Limitations of the study and future directions are discussed.



Abortion, Partner, Male, Life Impact