Design, Manufacturing, and Test of Armor for the Exploration Space Suit



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50th International Conference on Environmental Systems


Two business units within Collins Aerospace, Mission Systems (Houston, Texas) and Aerostructures (Chula Vista, California), partnered to design, manufacture, and test state-ofthe-art armor concepts for the exploration space suit. The proposed armor concept would protect astronauts from surface impacts (slips, trips, and falls) during EVAs. Multiple armor design options were considered. Collins� selected armor concepts are sandwich composite configurations consisting of carbon fabric skins and either a titanium square-cell core or an additively manufactured (3D printed) thermoplastic honeycomb core in two orientations. The panels were designed to be sacrificial and easily replaced with on-station in-situ manufacturing capability. The Collins armor concepts were designed, fabricated, and tested. The successful test results indicate that the Collins design could withstand substantial impact energy and protect the hard upper torso.


Julie Strickland, Collins Aerospace
Alan Cheung, Collins Aerospace
Aaron Noel, Collins Aerostructures
Patrick Nolan, Collins Aerostructures
Dan Ursenbach, Collins Aerostructures
Pablo Sanz-Martinez, Collins Aerostructures
ICES400: Extravehicular Activity: Space Suits
The 50th International Conference on Environmental Systems was held virtually on 12 July 2021 through 14 July 2021.


Spacesuit, Composite, Hard upper torso, HUT, Rear entry door, RED, xEMU, EMU, Collins, Armor, Impact, Impact resistant