Hidden figures: How hidden teacher perceptions predict the hiding of mathematically gifted black girls



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Black girls are severely underrepresented in STEM careers, college STEM programs, secondary math AP courses, and primary gifted programs; however, little is known about their participation in gifted math programs specifically. The current study uses student, teacher, and parent level data from the ECLS-K: 2011 survey. A Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality framework examine teacher social skills perceptions of Black girls, and the degree to which those perceptions affect the participation of Black girls in gifted math programs. Descriptive statistics and structural equation modeling were performed to test the hypotheses. Findings include larger increases (than White girls and Black boys) in cognitive skills scores for Black girls in gifted math when compared to Black girls in the general population. Also, statistically significant inverse relationships for teacher social skills ratings and participation in gifted math programs were found when comparing Black girls and white girls. These findings are of interest especially to school administrators, school psychologists, and programmers of gifted education.

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Gifted, Black Girls, STEM, Gifted Math, Teacher Perception