Residential adobe architecture around Santa Fe and Taos from 1900 to the present



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Texas Tech University


The topic of this study will be Residentíal Adobe Architecture around Santa Fe and Taos from 1900 to present (see figure 1). The thesis statement is that adobe has long been an important building material and contínues to be in use today. Understanding the technology and historic use of the material enables us to plan for better restoration and use the material effectively in new constructíon.

The research for this study is divided into four main chapters with conclusions. The first chapter deals with the architectural background and historic use of adobe material from the Indian Pueblo period to the American Anglo period. The second chapter covers the historic preservatíon of adobe buildings. This chapter gives ideas about preservation problems and tíieir solutíons. The third chapter discusses the architectural and cultural significance of residentíal adobe architecture. This chapter deals with the evolutíon and popularity of residentíal adobe architecture during the 20th century. The plan of adobe houses has many influences from other cultures such as Spanish, Muslim and other Middle East and Mediterranean cultures. The productíon and manufacturing of adobe bricks in the Santa Fe and Taos region is the contents of the last chapter.



Building, Adobe, Adobe houses -- New Mexico