Experiential architecture: A thesis in architecture


Architecture communicates traits of spirit, quality, and character through the experience of its relationship with place, use of color and light, and composition of form. As people recognize and familiahze with one another through understanding, the same idea of perception is atthbuted to one's thoughts of objects considered inanimate. Architecture is dynamic, and is about its inhabitants. From its relationship with place, use of color and light, and composition of form, those who move through Architecture, encounter Architecture. One is encountehng in Architecture whole successions of spatial sequences and relationships of light and vantage points. The ideas to be explored in this thesis involve the experience(s) formed by Architecture. Proposed is a manufacturing/distributing facility and corporate headquarters for Cannondale Bicycles. The facility will house the desired offices and space needed for the processes of: designing, testing, producing, marketing, sales, and disthbution of bicycles. It is typical of manufacturers in the bicycle industry to operate different production departments from separate sites. This creates time wasted during shipment of products from one site to the next. The proposed facility is an all inclusive factory & headquarters for Cannondale bicycles. By relocating its headquarters, research & development departments, manufactuhng & production outfits, and its storage & distribution facilities to a single site, Cannondale will reduce the amount of time in which it takes to design and produce bicycles. The proposed site for this project lies within the Hill Country of Austin, Texas on the periphery of its urban context.



Architecture, Industrial buildings -- Design and construction, Office buildings -- Design and construction