Environmental water efficient design



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T H E S I S Little is known or understood of the importance of societies water usage and needs. For that reason, little is done to consen^/e water use in the home or office. With only a little effort, numerous activities can be accomplished through building and site design to conserve, revitalize, and reuse water making a difference in aesthetics, costs, and experiences on site. F A C I L I TY The site will house a recreational and education lodge facility. The focus of the project is to provide a facility for guests, visitors, and residents of the communit/ to enjoy the environment through interior and exterior spaces while expressing water efficient design. The facilit/ will provide a number of private cabins, guestrooms, restaurant services, and a spa. C O N T E X T The lodge will be located on Brownwood Lake, approximately nine miles north of Brownwood, Texas. Central to the state of Texas, the site is sufficient for rainwater harvesting and reuse. This site will include roughly 90 acres of open land and will provide an exceptional environment for experiencing nature and recreational activities.



Camp sites, facilities, etc. -- Design, Water conservation, Brownwood (Tex.)