Teaching for Inclusion in Racialized America: A Multiple Case Study Using Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to Reach Antiracism in Secondary STEM Classrooms



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The success of American economy rests upon the ability for generations to continuously contribute to our economic growth as part of an increasingly global job market. Critical skills for this success can be developed through learning science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) concepts. Considering the performance of American students in STEM competencies, especially in culturally marginalized student populations, there is a need to address the instructional practices exercised by classroom teachers. These practices must incorporate inclusive practices through culturally relevant teaching. This comparative case study will delve into the use of teaching practices that are inclusive of all learners, and in what ways these practices address racialized teaching and learning experiences that contribute to achievement gaps. The agentic beliefs of in-service secondary STEM teachers were assessed, as well as their actuation of culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP). Lastly, the participants shared their teaching experiences using CRP, and these occurrences were assessed for the presence of an antiracist education framework.

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antiracist education, culturally responsive pedagogy, secondary STEM, teacher agency