A rhetorical analysis of Justice Sunday: Critiquing a person of faith symposium through the rhetoric of social intervention



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Brown’s Rhetoric of Social Intervention (RSI) model is utilized to analyze a person of faith symposium. I argue that Focus on the Family Action and Family Research Council Action hosted the event, Justice Sunday, in order to shift the evangelical Christian audience’s attention from the micro-political issues that divided their energies toward a communicative system that named them “a person of faith.” The RSI model illuminates the interveners’ strategies, tactics, and maneuvers employed as they transition the attention of their audience from micro-political issues defined by local groups to the macro-political issue of Supreme Court adjudication, more specifically the adjudication employed concerning issues of the First Amendment. The holographic nature of RSI allows for a critique that addresses not only the rhetorical attention shift but the power and need struggles present when church and state roles are rhetorically negotiated.



Constitution, First Amendment, Browns rhetoric of social intervention, Rhetoric