Socialization of product placements: How are emerging adults influenced by parents, peers, and media?



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The use of product placement continues to flourish; yet there is a dearth of research examining the processes associated with the effects of this integrated marketing communication (IMC) tool. This study attempts to fill the lacuna by utilizing the theory of consumer socialization to evaluate the processes that influence product placement attitudes and behaviors. Through the use of an online survey of emerging adults (18-25 years old) the current study examined how socialization agents (peers, parents, and media) influenced attitudes associated with product placement and the related behaviors. Analysis indicates a complex relationship between socialization agents and attitudes, with media having the strongest direct influence on behavior. Results contribute to the evolution of consumer socialization theory by adding breadth of application and specificity of measurement, while simultaneously contributing to marketers’ knowledge about the relationship between product placement attitudes and behavior.



Product placement, Consumer socialization, Advertising, Media, Survey