On Embracing the Research Conference



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Law Library Journal


One solution for curbing the frustrations many students feel during the research and writing process is for instructors to hold one-on-one research conferences with each student prior to writing. In these meetings, instructors can help students with the analytical component of the research process as well as practical skills like locating authorities in an efficient manner and organizing their research in a way that facilitates moving from the research phase to the writing phase. Part 1 of this article discusses the benefits conferencing has for both students and instructors. Part 2 argues that legal research conferences are a critical component of law students' skills education, both to prepare them to engage in legal analysis and to ready them for practice. Finally, Part 3 discusses the practical considerations of introducing legal research conferences into the curriculum.



Research conference, Legal education, Legal research instructor, Law students research process, Research process, Instruction


111 L. Lib. J. 7