An ecological response: A research center for renewable energy in Golden, Colorado



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Ecology can be defined as the relationship between organisms and their environment. When studying the ecological relationships human beings, the ecosystem is not only physical relationships to the environment, but also social relationships. The scope of this project is to investigate humankind's relationship to the physical environment, humankind's relationship to other humans, and humankind's' relationship to the universe. From the study of these relationships, issues will emerge and an attempt will be made to establish an effective response. The results will be interpreted in the design of a science and technology research library and conference center. The design solution is to be a representation of applied knowledge, a symbol of not only where we are as a society presently, but also where we have come from, as well as where we are going. Not so much a definite solution by any means, but rather a point along the line toward the ideal. A library represents the genetic make - up of our knowledge, experiences, hopes, and dreams. In the library one can find the history, present, and future, an accumulation the building will represent.



Convention facilities -- Design., Library buildings -- Design., Environmentalism., Golden (Colo.)