Design and analysis of wheel hub to provide in-hub electric motor for HMMWV vehicle



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Texas Tech University


This thesis describes the design of the wheel hub of hybrid HMMWV so as to introduce an electric in-hub motor inside the hub. Chapter I explains the consumption and detrimental effect of fossil fuels. Limitations of present alternative fuels are also explained. In Chapter 2 deals with hybrid electric vehicle concept, various types and configurations and the different military hybrid vehicles. In subsequent chapters vehicle performance characteristics such as velocity, acceleration and gradability are studied for different cases and gear ratio calculation is explained. Design constraints are listed and design was done based upon available space and taking weight factor into consideration. Further, the design was tested for the vehicle crushing forces known as 20G and 8G forces. High strength steel was used as the material for the design. Results are verified with available data for strength of the design. The Von Mises stresses are less than yield stresses in all the cases. Nodal displacements are within the acceptable range. Pro E is used for modeling the components and Algor is used for analysis.



Vehicles, Force and energy, Hybrid electric vehicles, Fossil fuels -- Environmental aspects, Alternative fuel vehicles, Power (Mechanics), Military