Resort Alaska: A four season resort for Hatcher Pass, Alaska


  1. Thesfs Statement y-fonesty. Integrlty. and Slmpllclty In archltecture have aU but dlsappeared In archltecture today. In the days of the ploneers. archltecture rvas honest. It had Integrlty and It rvas slmple. The ploneer's archltecture rvas that of the "Cog Cabln." The log cabln came to represent honesty. Integrlty. and slmpllclty. rvhlch also became the qualltles' men and rvomen rvanted In themselves and thelr leaders. The one Item that dlscouraged the rvlde spread use oflogs as a bulldlng materlal ruas that many dlsllked the heatlng costs and they could not look beyond the slmple log cabln. Todcn/s "Cog Cablns." are every blt as modern as the normal house. yet the bulldlng retalns Its honesty. Integrlty. and slmpllcin/. The relncorporatlon oflog archltecture rvould brlng back archltecture that has nothlng to hlde and Is much more stable than many other technkjues used today. Z. Context Statement The slte for ^R^esort Alaska Is the southern and eastern slopes of Government Teak and Bald Mountaln f^ldge. at the mouth offfatcher pass. Alaska. north of Anchorage. Thls area Is used by many people through out the year and has road access throughout the y^ar. The trvo lodges are the only exlstlng structures In the pass and provlde many actlvltles to those Interested. The beauty of the slte Is almost overrvhelmlng throughout the pass. The pass Is used by the US Olymplc cross-country skl team. The slte mlght eventually become the home for all Olymplc sports.
  2. facflíty Statement The type of faclllty planned Is a four season resort that ivould provlde an escape from clty Ilfe and provlde actlvltles so people may enjoy themselves. The resort rvlll become the foundatlon upon rvhlch the future offíatcher Tass and Alaska rvlll have to achleve the goal ofhostlng the 'Wlnter Olymplcs. The resort rvlU also be an Internatlonal attractlon that rvould brlng In tourlsts and professlonal quallty sklers



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