Consumer perceptions of beef available in retail establishments



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Texas Tech University


The amount of beef consumed in the United States (US) has been on the decline since 1970. In order to stem the decline, the beef industry needs to identify the needs and desires of consumers of beef This research was undertaken to: (1) determine the most important product attributes influencing consumers beef purchases, (2) identify consumer perceptions of innovative beef products, (3) identify the location of consumer beef purchases, and (4) determine the impact of consumers demographics on these three factors.

This project was based on the results of a focus group dealing with consumer perceptions of beef bought in retail environments. As a result of the focus group study, a survey was developed to find out more about consumers' perceptions of beef from other geographic areas besides the one involved in the focus group. The survey included questions pertaining to attributes which influence consumers to buy beef for home consumption, ranking and rating importance of beef attributes according to demographic profiles, and perceptions of innovative beef products such as Certified Angus beef or preprepared items.



Consumers, Beef