When Spring Became Summer Creating a Musical Discourse Reflecting the Historical Event in Late 1980s China



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Thirty-four years have passed since the world was shaken by the demonstration at Tiananmen Square at the turn of spring and summer of 1989. Considering today’s tense political climate between the United States and China, the increasingly important implication of this historic event becomes ever more evident. Yet, there exists a lack of major musical works reflecting it due to political pressure exerted by the Chinese authorities. In this project, I encourage the musical community to represent this topic with greater frequency and direction, enhancing discourse around this critical inflection point in history. My wind ensemble composition, in fact, illustrates such a reflection by quoting several pro-communist melodies. Furthermore, I seek to set a precedent for future composers to expand the repertoire in works reflecting Tiananmen Square, further raising awareness of this historical event.



Composition, Tiananmen Square, Wind Ensemble, China, New Music