Development and evaluation of cotton, wool, and mohair blend fabrics and assessment of consumer response



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Texas Tech University


The textile and apparel industry is one of the most vital manufacturing industries in the United States, producing over $25 bilhon each year in textile products. The production and use of natural fibers are key elements in the textile and apparel industry, with Texas being a major contributor. Texas produces over 32% of the nation's cotton and 18% of the nation's wool. In addition, over 90% of U.S. mohair originates in Texas. In order to remain competitive in an increasingly global market, it is imperative that the textile and apparel complex continually create new fabric forms and ascertain consumer demand and preferences.

The two primary objectives for this study were: (1) Phase I—design, produce, and physically test six experimental fabrics utilizing a cotton warp and wool/mohair blend fillings, and (2) Phase Il-survey females nationally as to consumer (a)response to the six experimental fabrics, (b) intent to purchase the experimental fabrics, and (c) characteristics in regard to fibers and purchase decisions. In addition, a profile of the mohair apparel consumer was sought.



Blended yarn, Textile fabrics, Mohair, Market surveys