A development home for mentally retarded individuals


The goal of this project is to utilize architecture as a vehicle to bridge the gap which occurs for mentally retarded people between the transition from a state school to a community group home. This project will utilize the use of colors and the variation of natural lighting to create a positive learning environment for mentally and physically handicapped individuals. The building facility will consist of a dormitory, educational center, infirmary, and workshop for the clients who reside there. The dormitory will accommodate thirty mentally and physically handicapped individuals. Within the classroom environment such skills as money management, cooking, motor skill development, and community awareness will be taught to the clients. Clients will have the opportunity to develop, and master vocational skills in the workshop setting while drawing actual wages in order to increase financial independence. The primary objective of this facility is to help the mentally retarded cope with the transitional move which occurs upon leaving the state school. The facility will focus on reducing traumatic experiences associated with the rapid changes which occur in their lives at this time. The facility will be located in the northeast sector of El Paso, Texas. The site is located at the intersection of Hondo Pass and Neptune Drive. The size of this facility will be 32,664 square feet. Located to the west of the site is a beautiful panoramic view of the Franklin Mountains to the east, running north to south, is Interstate 54. This site is easily accessible to both pedestrians and motor vehicles also. Located within the neighborhood are small shopping centers which will prove very beneficial to the development of community skills.



Halfway houses -- Design., People with mental disabilities., Light in architecture., El Paso (Tex.)