Chaos versus order as a premise for architectural design: A new home for College of Architecture, Texas Tech University


Even though new does not necessarily mean better, a new home for College of Architecture, is intended to create a better learning - teaching environment for College of Architecture community in Texas Tech University. The name Texas Tech University itself clearly manifests university policy towards technology in its curriculums. Therefore, the design related courses and colleges such as College of Engineering, and College of Architecture undeniably stand as the fortitude of the university. In addition to the ideal name, the university needs a competitive College of Architecture as public attraction to the profession of architecture in general and to the institution in specific.

Therefore, in order to become attractive, the College of Architecture needs a new building that shows the physical excitement of architecture and reform its political structures and strengthen its programs internally by adding a few more departments such as Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture Departments which are now scattered under different colleges in the university.



College buildings -- Design, Lubbock (Tex.), Public buildings -- Design, Texas Tech University -- College of Architecture