Roof pressures in the corner region measured on a full-scale low-rise building



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Texas Tech University


Corner vortices along the roof have proven to be one of the most destructive forces created when wind interacts with a building. Conical vortices are generated close to the corner along both edges of the roof when the wind angle of attack acts Into the roof corner. To better understand the characteristics of the pressures generated by the vortices on the roof corner, researchers at Texas Tech University densely instrumented a roof corner area of the test building at the Wind Engineering Field Research Laboratory (WERFL) with pressure transducers. The data collected results In a high-resolution spatial and temporal data set, which Is used to examine the correlation structure of point pressure coefficients, time-averaged, and area-averaged pressures beneath the corner vortex on a full-scale building with a flat roof. Area and time average pressures are compared with the wind load provisions of ASCE 7-02.



Roofs -- Aerodynamics, Structural analysis (Engineering), Roofs -- Design and construction, Air flow -- Measurement, Wind-pressure