Program for Texas Air Center: A flight training facility, Lubbock, Texas


The project is a flight center for civil aviation located at the Lubbock International Airport. The center will have a dual role of training aviation professionals and servicing and support of general aviation for Lubbock and the south plains. It will be owned by Texas Air Center, Inc. and be named as such. The training arm of the center will provide ground school and flight training for FAA certification in single engine, multi-engine, instrument, air transport and flight instructor ratings.

Operating simultaneously with the flight training program will be an aircraft mechanic school. This program will train students for FAA certification in airframe and power plant.

The facility will also house a fixed base operator, commonly referred to as an FBO. This role is to provide the community with a wide range of services including aircraft sales, leasing/rentals, charter, fuel, hangar storage and aircraft maintenance.



Flight schools -- Design, Lubbock (Tex.)