A toy factory



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The world is in the midst of a new revolution led by the technology of the microchip. As part of this revolution, the computer is impacting society at an incredible rate and is changing the way we see the world. The computer brings with it new concepts of flexibility, miniaturization, and communication that will Impact the way factories and other future buildings are designed. The use of industrial robots in future factories will free workers, formerly chained to their machines as operators, to do more productive tasks. The use of robots along with the design of a flexible factory will allow future industry to change more rapidly in response to changes in the market place. This proposal address the ways in which the computer has led to changes in thinking and how this can be reflected in a factory building in the late twentieth century. By using concepts such as flexibility, miniaturization, communication and "user friendliness" architecture can reflect the spirit and meaning of the electronic age. The facility is a factory for the manufacture of electronic and other types of toys, located in an industrial/commercial sector at 19th and Avenue A in Lubbock, Texas. The factory will be designed to allow for changing functions, will utilize industrial robots v^ere feasible to allow a more flexible workforce and will emphasize the psychological needs of the workers.



Factories -- Design, Toy industry, Lubbock (Tex.)