Deconstructing a house: A residence for Dominique de Menil


Using the Deconstructivist style, geometric forms will be manipulated to explore the hidden within the traditional, the weaknesses of the old, not to overthrow these forms but to simply disturb them. Architecture has been seen as the formal articulation of pure forms. Within these pure forms we as humans have found comfort and stability and become frightened by any deviation. The act of deconstructing these forms is not to instill fear into people, nor is to disprove their ability as forms. The purpose is to take advantage of the structural strengths of these forms and present them in a way which exaggerates their functional capabilities. In doing this it will become apparent that the forms which we have believed to be pure have always carried with them some state of imperfection. Envision a city in the forest that serves more than one million people and offers a waterway lined with shops, restaurants and gardens. This is The Woodlands, Texas. The Woodlands is a forested 25,000 acre planned community located just 27 miles north of downtown Houston. Currently 47,000 people call The Woodlands home and by the year 2000 it is expected to house more than 60,000 residents. The specific site for this project is a waterside site on Lake Woodlands. Lake Woodlands is a 200 acre lake that offers a great setting and incomparable views. The proposed facility type is a residence for Mrs. Dominique de Menil, owner of the Menil Collection Art Museum In Houston, Texas. The residence will be approximately 10,000-12,000 square feet and will accommodate a varietv of functions. Included in the functions will be large meeting rooms to entertain local communit) organizations, ample space for Mrs. Menils most astound works of art, and a separate gallen. for traveling exhibitions.



Dwellings -- Design., Deconstructivism (Architecture)