Architecture as containment



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Thesis Statement: There is a growing need for an efficient architecture of containment that can be expressed through geometry and spatial definition to create a perception of authority in the form of a high-security containment facility. Facility Statement: This project is a high-security prison facility relating architectural issues of geometry and spatial definition while incorporating facilitative issues such as security, efficiency, and circulation. While a prison facility must keep its guests incarcerated, it can be done in an architectural manner that fi facilitates efficiency and reduces boredom. Context Statement: The project is located within the confines of Reese Air Force Base, currently decommissioned from active status and is under investigation towards alternative methods of usage. The high-security prison facility would be located in the upper northwestern section of the airbase, isolated from surrounding structures, yet close enough to utilize Reese Village’s facilities for supplies. The site is located to take advantage of the limited vegetation to aid in the prevention of possible escapes.