Distribution and organization of repetitive DNA sequences on human chromosome-16



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Texas Tech University


This study Is comprised of two distinct but related parts. Chapter II reports on the development of partial digest bacteriophage and cosmid libraries made from flow sorted human chromosome-16. These chromosome-specific libraries are powerful new tools for physical and genetic mapping of the human genome and make It possible to examine the organization of repetitive DNA sequences on specific human chromosomes.

Chapter III presents a comprehensive investigation into the representation of many repetitive DNA sequence families In the human chromosome 16-specific cosmid library. Data obtained In this study were compared to previously described values for the abundance of the same repetitive elements in total human nuclear DNA. In addition, certain highly polymorphic repetitive sequences were localized onto the emerging physical map of chromosome-16. This study Is the first comprehensive examination of repeated sequences on a single human chromosome and provides a foundation for the future integration of the physical and genetic maps of human chromosome-16.

Chapter IV contains a synthesis of the study. In addition, a critical assessment Is made of new technologies that were used In this study and that are becoming increasingly Important to other genome-related studies. Problems that were incountered through the course of this study are Identified and possible solutions are discussed. Finally, future lines of investigation for continuation and expansion of these studies Into the biology of repetitive DNA sequences are discussed.



Human gene libraries, Recombinant DNA, Human gene mapping