Reflection paper: RAT applied to the oral health care industry-marketing services and resource advantage theory; Odontologίa; Graduate histology lab report- identification of unknown tissue samples



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I started my masters in interdisciplinary studies for very specific reasons, with the goal of becoming a better dental student candidate and dentist post graduation. I studied the biological sciences with the goal of become a better dental school candidate, as well as increasing the probability of my success in dental school. In order to increase my chances of becoming a successful private practice owner I chose to study business with a focus on marketing. The ability to speak Spanish and obtain a wider segment of the market inspired me to continue my education in Spanish. With that said I feel very strongly that I have been able to accomplish my goals. I write this conclusion a future dentist in dental school, who has developed her vocabulary and also had a very detailed plan for the future. Plans that would not have been realized had I not taken the risk of delaying applying to dental school and pursuing my masters.



Dental school, Dentistry, Oral healthcare, Marketing, Resource advantage theory, Odontologia, Histology, Biological sciences, Business, Spanish