Adapting athletic recruiting practices to the recruitment of students for the fine arts programs at Incarnate Word College - an internship report



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Texas Tech University


In the past, recruiting efforts for the Fine Arts at Incarnate Word College have been minimal, random, and haphazardly organized (if organized at all). Faculty members, through their contacts with the educational and artistic communities of San Antonio, may have heard of a potential student for the program and may have pursued the matter further. In most cases it was not pursued and the Fine Arts relied heavily upon chance, circumstance, and the admissions office to attract new students into the program. Thus, the purpose of this study is to investigate recruiting strategies of athletic departments and by adapting applicable strategies, to design a model for recruitment of students for the Fine Arts programs at Incarnate Word College which will reflect the mission of the college and of the Fine Arts programs.



Arts, Performing arts, Incarnate Word College