Ibero-romance: Comparative phonology and morphology



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Texas Tech University


This study is designed to show the similarities and differences of the phonological and morphological developments among the three Ibero-Romance languages, Castilian, Portuguese and Catalan. Several studies have been done on the respective languages: R. Men^ndez-Pidal, Manual de gram^tica hist6rica espanola, R. Lapesa, Historia de la lengua espafiola, A. Badfa Margarit, Gram^tica hist6rica catalana, and E. Williams, From Latin to Portuguese. A few of these studies have not been limited to the treatment of one language as in the case of W. Entwistle, The Spanish Language Together With Portuguese, Catalan and Basque, but none has attempted a parallel comparative approach based on the histories, sound systems and word formations of the three Iberian romances.



Catalan language, Spanish language, Portuguese language, Comparative and general, Grammar, Grammar