A bank for Dallas, Texas



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Banking, as it exists today, is a profitable and active enterprise. A bank is a department store of finance. Banking serves the wealthy and the poor; the executive and the laborer. A bank is the stage for buying and selling, investing and borrowing, and deposit and withdrawal • . The present day concept is that this stage should be placed in the center of a financial theater. This theater would be an area that merits and requires the bank's presence. The bank's goal is to attract and encourage new customers and satisfy established customers while operating at a proftt. The bank progresses by cordially and efficient·ly providing the banking services that are needed in its trade area. The challenge is to create a friendly and attractive atmosphere that is convenient to the customer. The plan must be functional so that the duties of the customer and the employees may be performed easily and efficiently. This thesis is dedicated to the development of a design solution for such a bank.



Dallas (Tex.)