Specifying a domain specific language for cooperative robotics



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The field of cooperative robotics focuses on research issues related to getting a team of distributed robots to work together to solve a problem. This research specifies a programming language that addresses complexity issues inherent in developing a cooperative robotic application by easing the burden of implementing a distributed application and by helping the developer organize the application such that tractable communication is maintained as the number of cooperative robots grows. The burden of developing a distributed application is eased by hiding within the programming language’s execution model the code that performs interprocess communication, which is normally part of the programmer’s obligation to design and implement. An application is organized using a well-known strategy in operating systems--one that is used to help ensure modular system designs. Using this strategy, the programming language imposes a system architecture on an application that maintains tractable communication between robots by eliminating the need for a complex distributed communication strategy.



Language, Domain, Robotics