Raman study of liquid methyl iodide and methyl fluoride



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Texas Tech University


The DqukJs, CH3I and CH3F, were studied using a Raman spectrometer. The polarized and depolarized components of the V2 and V3 bands of CH3I were measured in the whole range of the temperature of the liquid. The recorded spectra were Fourier transformed to provide vibrational autocorrelation functions and memory functions. The vibrational autocorrelation functions and the experimental memory functions were analyzed by the methods of a memory function procedure and an autoregressive analysis, respectively.

The Raman spectra of neat liquid CH3F were obtained as a function of temperature and the spectra in the dissolved state were also obtained. The spectra were explained qualitatively by using some theoretical models arid densities of states were calculated classically with a simple theoretical model in order to be compared with the observed spectra.



Vibrational spectra, Fourier transformations, Methyl iodide, Raman spectroscopy, Methyl fluoride