The influence test of the coapatation plates for the ischemic mitral valve under asymmetrical and symmetrical PM displacements




Zhang, Kailiang

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A novel mitral valve repair device, coaptation plate (CP), was proposed to treat functional mitral regurgitation. The objective of this study was to test efficacy of the CP in an in-vitro model of functional mitral regurgitation. Ten fresh porcine mitral valves were mounted in a left heart simulator, Moderate to severe mitral regurgitation was created by means of annular dilatation, and the asymmetrical or symmetrical papillary muscles (PM) displacement. The rigid and elastic CPs were fabricated and mounted flexibly in the orifice of regurgitant mitral valves. Steady flow leakage in a hydrostatic condition and regurgitant volume in a pulsatile flow and were measured before and after implantation of the CPs. The rigid and elastic CPs reduced mitral valve regurgitant volume fraction from 60.5±11.4% to 35±11.6% and 36.5±9.9%, respectively, in the asymmetric PM displacement. The symmetric PM displacement led to much lower regurgitation than the asymmetric PM displacement, which was not significantly reduced after implantation of either CP. Both the rigid and elastic CPs are effective and have no difference in reduction of functional mitral regurgitation. The CP does not aggravate mitral valve coaptation and may be used a preventive way.



Mitral valve, Coapatation plate