Wild turkey pre-flight poult habitat characteristics and survival



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Texas Tech University


Chapters III through V represent manuscripts intended for publication in peerreviewed journals. Chapter III examines the retention times of glued-on radiotransmitters on wild turkey poults in natural settings, and is a follow up of a pen study conducted at Texas Tech University in 2000 (Bowman et al. 2002). Chapter IV documents Rio Grande wild turkey pre-flight poult daily survival from hatch to tree roosting. Chapter V examines Rio Grande wild turkey pre-flight poult habitat use and relates habitat use to poult survival. This work represents my experimental design, ability and desire to conduct accurate scientific field research and my writing and analysis abilities. This work also represents the long days and hard work contributed by many other graduate students and hired research technicians. Authorships for Chapters III through V were determined based on contributions.



Wild turkey, Animal radio tracking