Joyce: A comic monodrama the creation of a role from an entrepreneurial perspective


This document explores the concept of entrepreneurship for the classical singer and composer. First, it points out why this topic is relevant to our current economy and social environment as musicians. Next, it reveals many of the characteristics of successful music entrepreneurs, as well as the concept of managing these skills. This study on entrepreneurship, and its limited research, will reveal itself as important in the discussion of the opera’s genesis.

The document then shifts to discuss a new work by Gary D. Belshaw titled Joyce: A Comic Monodrama. Beginning is a short biography of the composer, a discussion of the genesis of this work through the influence of another work, a discussion of some of the compositional elements and plot points, and our process of bringing it all together and performing it. Resulting is the personal, artistic, and professional value I derive from this collaboration. In this portion of the project, I expose the intersection of creative processes of composer and singer in the creation of an operatic work and character. All of this will be viewed from an entrepreneurial perspective, the thread that stitches together the entire document. Thus, as a contribution to the art, this project may inspire others to more personal exploration and research into what it means to be an entrepreneur in music.



Premiere, Belshaw, Opera, Entrepreneurship, Role, Creating a role, Joyce: A Comic Monodrama