Islamic cultural center in Newark, New Jersey



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The search for identity by the Muslim communities in the USA will eventually lead to a standard design. This design would reflect two aspects: The traditional values of Islamic architecture and the determination of the Muslim communities to be an integral part of main stream American society rather than remaining isolated body. Once the real values and goals of the Muslim communities are fully understood then the architecture would demonstrate theses values and goals in a very simple manner. The major characteristics would be harmony, balance, and integration. These values would also reflect a combination of nostalgia and innovation. This thesis presents a design proposal for the Islamic cultural center in Newark, New Jersey. it is an attempt to investigate the above mentioned values. Furthermore it takes up the issue of urban design which is currently one of the key public concerns in the revival of the city of Newark.



Architecture, Mosques as community centers -- Design, Assimilation (Sociology), Newark (N.J.)