Modeling and analysis of hybrid dynamic systems



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Texas Tech University


A modeling technique for hybrid dynamics systems, using high-level Petri nets, is presented. A hybrid dynamics system is a continuous dynamics system in which discrete events occur. Modeling of hybrid dynamics systems is difficult since continuous dynamics and discrete event dynamics have entirely different mathematics.

The dissertation presents techniques for converting a hybrid dynamics system, represented mathematically or by means of a block diagram into a Petri net. The resulting Petri net. called the Hybrid Dynamics Petri Net (HDPN). captures both the continuous and discrete event phenomena in the system. This provides a single formalism for modeling hybrid dynamics systems.

Procedures are also provided for converting a Petri net into a block diagram and into a mathematical representation.

Some examples are implemented to demonstrate the capability of the Petri net formalism to correctly model hybrid dynamics systems. The examples demonstrate the modeling power of Petri nets for continuous and hybrid systems, including non-linear systems and MIMO systems.



Petri nets, Machine theory, Dynamics, System analysis, Control theory