Investigating the enabling roles of technological advances for marketing strategy: Three essays



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Technology is a critical enabler that facilitates or reinforces the individuals, processes, and capabilities of a firm. However, despite considerable academic and managerial interest, the nature of technology-enablement and its role in marketing remain unclear. Accordingly, this dissertation explores and develops the concept of technology-enablement by applying it to different marketing strategy phenomena using a mixed-methods approach. Specifically, in Essay I, I contend that technology is an operant resource that enables – facilitates or reinforces – marketing and marketing-related capabilities by combining or integrating with other resources, in turn helping firms progress up the hierarchy of operant resources. Building on Essay I, Essay II investigates how technology can enable top- and mid-level marketers in their respective roles, responsibilities, and tasks by systematically reviewing the literature on managers and marketers and integrating those findings with insights from conducting topic modeling on industry documents about technology. Because each technology differs in how it can enable individuals, processes, and capabilities, Essays I and II focus on a specific type of technology, artificial intelligence (AI), to show how AI enables marketing capabilities and marketers. However, in Essay III, I integrate the general concept of technology-enablement with the concept of strategic marketing capability to conceptualize and measure the multi-dimensional construct technology-enabled strategic marketing capability across six studies. Overall, this dissertation takes a comprehensive approach toward understanding the strategic role and potential of technology-enablement by investigating AI-enabled marketing capabilities, AI-enabled marketers, and technology-enabled strategic marketing capability.

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Marketing Capabilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Technology-Enablement, AI-Enablement, AI-Enabled Marketing Capabilities, Marketing Strategy, Top-Level Marketer, Mid-Level Marketer, Theory Development, Systematic Review, Topic Modeling, Organizing Framework, Marketers’ Roles, Responsibilities, and Tasks, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Boundary Spanning, Resource Bundling, Measure Development