The food consumption habits of 145 Iowa farm families



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Ames, Iowa: Agricultural Experiment Station, Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts


The food consumption habits of 145 Iowa farm families were studied from records of expenditures for food and of food produced by farms during one year. Forty-three families in the central part of the state near Ames, 49 families in the southwestern part near Corning, and 53 families near Oelwein in the northeastern part of the state cooperated in the study.

The nutritive values of the respective diets were calculated for the families in the Ames group and for the average of the families in each of the other two groups.

The energy values of these diets and their content of protein, calcium, phosphorus and iron were calculated and contrasted with the ''standard allowances'' on a per man per day basis.

Diets of the 145 Iowa farm families included in this study furnished daily an average of 3,612 calories, 88 grams of protein, one gram of calcium, 1.5 grams phosphorus and 16 milligrams of iron for each person, on this basis.

The diets of the average family in each of the three groups were found to be adequate. The diets of the families living near Ames, however, were for the most part below standard in iron content. Some individual families fell below the standards in other respects.



Food, Food Consumption, Iowa