Overlooked Costs of IRS Budget Will Hit Taxpayers Hardest




Camp, Bryan T.

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The Internal Revenue Service takes a lot of hits, both from those who are paid to be critics like the National Taxpayer Advocate and from those who just pile on for the fun of it—politicians, pundits, and the public.

The nastiest hit has come from Congress in the form of relentless budget cuts for the past five years. While there has been a fair bit of commentary on the effect of these cuts, commentators have missed two important points: (1) the cuts are deeper than most people think, and (2) their effect is both more subtle and insidious.

As the procrastinators among us prepare their last-minute returns and suffer long waits on hold with the IRS, it’s a good time to consider each one—since they mean the waits will get longer and the potential for bad stuff to happen will increase.



IRS, income tax, tax, budget, budget cuts, taxpayer


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