Iconography in education: A visual-media educational facility for elementary-aged children



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Iconography can unite content and form to present a view of architecture that bears meaning. A pod elementary school, essentially a school within a school, combined with an interactive museum, for achieving visual learning and a better cultural awareness. The town of Mansfield, Texas is located in the southern core border of the DFW area and is surrounded by both urban and rural customs and a highly diverse population. In the area of the site is a number of residential areas, a civic complex, schools, churches, and a large strip park all within a 112 mile. Also US Hwy 287 is within that distance, with two major arteries in the area, Broad and Walnut Creek.

This elementary school combined with an interactive museum will be a catalyst for a new type of education, focusing on all types of learning, conventional and unconventional. Creating a better cultural c1wareness within the community of the school will teach children at a young age to work together in all aspects of life, this done by education.



Architecture, School buildings -- Design