New international airport for Lubbock, Texas



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Lubbock, a city in the panhandle of Texas which is growing. However, as with a city of any size, there are many hurdles to tbis development. Lubbock's major problem Is attracting industry. Therefore Lubbock has recently begun to look at technology as an industry to court. If Lubbock is to bring in technology industries it must give the impression that it ts a trend setting city on the leading edge of technolqgy. Lubbock International Airport as the gateway which these industries come through when visiting must give the

immediate impression of trend seffing. While a good design for its day the existing airport doos not give any indication as to direction that this city is moving. A new more advanced gateway is required, a prototype of sorts, one Which embraces technology. In the infancy of passenger air travel, terminal design was patterned after terminals designed for rail transportation, grand testimonials to the age of the train. During that same time Le Corbusier was theorizing about machines, their design processes, and the application of that process to architecture The pragmatism focused during the design of oceanic airplanes and automobiles be focused on during the of buildings. Building machines for a purpose. We are to design a which will be a gateway trend setting city of Lubbock embraces technology explores new ideas in design.



Airports -- Design, Lubbock (Tex.)