Multi-layer 3D chirality: Design, synthesis and applications



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Chirality is not only closely bound up with people’s daily life, but also an essential issue in scientific research. From astronomy to earth science, from chemistry to biology, from history to information and communication science, chirality is omnipresent. Therefore, the construction of advanced chiral building blocks has become a significant concern in the research in both the origin of chirality and the development of chiral applications. The present study focuses the concept of Multi-layer 3D chirality, has been addressing four issues including design background, structure extension, synthetic methodology, and molecular application. As specifically, single C-N/C-C bond anchored multi-layer 3D enantiomer has been synthesized and characterized through dual-coupling reactions. X-ray diffraction revealed the key features of this novel chirality: three layers arrange nearly parallel to each other and restrict each other from rotational isomerizaiton. Subsequently, structurally condensed triple-column/multi-layer 3D polymers have been achieved as the development of optical and AIE study of multi-layer 3D molecules. This work is believed to have profound impact on asymmetric chemistry and chiral materials in future.



Multi-Layer 3D Chirality, Asymmetric Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry