Informative Urbanism a method of cross networking city data from spatial locations to their actual systematic networking



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This study investigates the informative urbanism by constructing a method which specifically analyzes the accessibility and effectiveness of data-driven spatial locations, one can begin to envision the relational structure of actual traffic flows between them. This method utilizes simulated agents which demonstrates the value of computational analysis in terms of 2D, 3D, and 4D data collection, visualization, and analyzation on the urban scale. By developing an in depth collection of date from local networks such as Schools and Hospitals. Lubbock city, TX in the US used as a case study and proof of concept. this research breaks down the actual versus standardized understanding of urban sub-systems. Exploring this data duality, aims to contribute a more visual representation of the data collected from real programmatic networks found across all city sizes, scales, and locations and apply it to more physical networks like streets, highways, and infrastructural.



Informative urbanism, Parametric urbanism, Interdisciplinary, Multi-agent based simulation, Digital design and fabrication