Rio grande wild turkey nesting ecology in Kansas and the rolling plains of Texas



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Texas Tech University


The following work represents partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Wildlife Sciences in the Graduate College at Texas Tech University. This research project studied habitat use and breeding area fidelity in Rio Grande wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo intermedia) in Kansas and the Panhandle of Texas. Chapter II documents nesting habitat at 4 study areas and assesses the differences among the study areas. This chapter also assesses what structural components and vegetation types may provide quality habitat for wild turkey hens to be more successful. Chapter in documents Rio Grande wild turkeys exhibiting breeding area fidelity to their previous nesting area in successive years at 4 study areas and the potential consequences for exhibiting or not exhibiting breeding area fidelity. Both chapters represent manuscripts that are intended for submission in peer-reviewed journals following completion of this thesis. This work represents my writing, analyzing, and researching abilities. With the guidance of my committee, I designed this study, collected the data, and synthesized the research into two manuscripts. Authorships for the following manuscripts were determined based on contributions as well as a synthesis of the guidelines outlined by the CBE Style Manual Committee (1978), Dickson and Coimer (1978), and Fine and Kurdek (1993).



Wild turkey