A Tenant Has a Cause of Action for Retaliatory Eviction Due to His Reporting of Housing Code Violations



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Texas Tech Law Review


Summarizes the Texas Court of Civil Appeals for Dallas’s case Sims v. Century Kiest Apartments. In Sims, Sims, a tenant at Century Kiest Apartments, reported violations of various housing, building, and health codes. Sims was then given notice to vacate the premises, and the landlord brought forcible detainer proceedings to gain possession of the property. Sims claimed that his eviction was caused by retaliation for his reporting of the various violations. Reversing the trial court, the appellate court in Sims held that tenants have a cause of action for retaliatory eviction caused by reporting violations of the housing code.



Retaliatory eviction, Landlord-tenant law, Housing code, Sims v. Century Kiest Apartments, Case note


10 Tex. Tech L. Rev. 1221