Weak cache consistency driven data access schemes in wireless networks



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With the advent and advancement of mobile technology, there has been a signicant increase in accessing the Internet services and information wirelessly. One of key optimization techniques is to cache frequently accessed data items in a local cache. Invalidation report (IR) based cache invalidation and its variants have been deployed to energy efciently update the cached data items in single-hop wireless networks. Mobile nodes can access the cached data items to answer a query only after receiving an IR that is periodically broadcasted by a server. A strong consistency is implicitly assumed but it may unnecessarily increase the query delay for waiting the next IR. In addition, due to the inherent broadcast operation, the IR-based approaches may incur a non-negligible communication overhead to support nodes distributed over different wireless cells.

In this thesis, we propose a weak cache consistency driven data access scheme based on the poll-each-request (PER) cache invalidation framework, called Poll Each Request-Weak Consistency (PER-WC). Unlike prior approach, where every node has the same consistency level with the server, each node is able to set its own target consistency level independently to meet diverse consistency requirements. We design and develop a customized simulation framework to conduct our experiments using the CSIM, which is a popular development toolkit for discrete-driven simulation and modeling. We vary key simulation parameters to measure the performance, including target consistency, update interval, query interval, and window size. Our results show that the proposed scheme can reduce the query delay and adaptively adjust the consistency level.



Data access, Weak cache consistency, Wireless networks