Rehabilitation facility in El Paso, Texas


For this project I will be designing a rehabilitation facility in the city of El Paso, Texas using architecture as a metaphor to symbolize the psychological recovery of addiction to drugs and alcohol. This project will serve the residents from all over the world, epically from the Southwest. The complex will accommodate around 126 patients and up to 30 staff-members. The facility will utilize the Hazelden, or Minnesota model of treatment. This model of treatment utilizes a holistic approach, and a multidisciplinary staff to address the issues of addiction with group therapy, readings, and counseling. The city of El Paso offers a mountainous desert climate, with beautiful sky and landscape views. This will drive the design's color pallet. positioning of views, and inclusion of outside spaces. El Paso offers a rich Hispanic culture, with many historical buildings that will also influence the design process. The theory of architecture as a metaphor will be realized with several symbolic elements. A symbolic entrance and exit, as well as level changes, will be included that the patient recognizes as a pathway to freedom from addiction to drugs and alcohol. The building will also utilize elements such as meandering pathways to areas of meditation, and changing lighting to symbolize the struggles and revelations one encounters progressing through a rehabilitation program.



Architecture, Rehabilitation centers -- Design, El Paso (Tex.)