Aspects of linguistics and communication in selected works of C.J. Cherryh



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Texas Tech University


This thesis examines certain aspects of linguistics and communication in selected novels of the American science fiction/fantasy author C. J. Cherryh, focusing upon her approach to communication within or among different species. She bases her languages on the idea that cultural and biological factors control how a species expresses its thoughts and perceives reality.

The first half of the thesis provides necessary background information in the form of a biography of Cherryh, plot outlines of the novels used in the study, a definition of the uses of artificial language, and a short history of linguistics in science fiction. The second half of the thesis is devoted to the study of Cherryh's use of linguistic and communications factors in her works, with special attention to her various invented languages and the alien species which use those languages.



Imaginary languages in literature, Cherryh, C. J. -- Knowledge -- Language and languages, Cherryh, C. J. -- Criticism and interpretation