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This thesis presents the design, development, and testing MEMS based Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The system is capable of measuring the pull-off force measurements on different surfaces. The design is capable of producing a verticalresolution of ~ 2nm. The MEMS AFM consists of a stand-alone optical head, stepper motor controlled Z stage assembly incorporated with a MEMS XY stage. The shaft end of the stepper motor has a worm gear attached, which takes care of the Z movement.A commercial piezo actuator from Noliacis used. A LabView-based system is used to control the entire assembly. Custom made piezo amplifiers and transimpedance amplifiers are developed. The MEMS-based AFM has significance in finding the adhesion forces of a surface estimating the surface energy present on the surface. Surface forces in the order of ~21Nn and ~ 11nN are measured for a bare silicon substrate and hydrophobic coated MEMS XY stage. In addition, the results obtained are compared with the results of the force measurements performed on a commercial AFM system (Park XE-100). The signal to noise ratio for the system is calculated and is found to be 40 dB.



Atomic force microscope