The choral music of Halsey Stevens



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Texas Tech University


Dr. Halsey Stevens is a highly respected composer, author, critic, musicologist, scholar, and teacher. His compositions, numbering over two hundred, have been performed throughout the United States and Europe. He has authored an important biography. The Life and Music of Bela Bartok (1953; revised, 1964), which was praised by Zoltan Kodaly as "the high point in Bartok scholarship to the present." His article and reviews on assorted subjects have appeared in various publications including Encyclopedia Britannica, Musical Quarterly, Journal of Music Theory, and in foreign journals as well. He enjoyed a teaching career for over forty years, spending more than one-half of that time as Chairman of the Department of Composition at the University of Southern California. Considering his numerous awards and achievements, it is surprising to find that neither he nor his music has yet been the focus of an in-depth research study.



Stevens, Halsey, 1908-1989 Music, Choral