Geophysical Investigation of the Moho Beneath New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas



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Despite being one of the most geophysically imaged areas of the world due to hydrocarbon prospects, the velocity-structure of the deep crust beneath the south-central United States remains poorly understood. To aid in the understanding of the structure of the Moho beneath New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, PnP tomography is utilized to model the perturbations from average Moho velocity across the study region. The resulting models yield high velocities surrounding the Rio Grande Rift, beneath central Oklahoma, and beneath the Mexico side of the Texas-Mexico border. Low velocities are observed beneath the Rio Grande Rift, Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen, and south Texas. Significantly, a narrow trend of high velocities traverses the previously postulated location of the Llano Front. Here, we offer explanations for the high velocities along the Llano Front and conclude that it remains imprinted on the Moho as a result of ancient compressive tectonics.



Seismic, Geology, Geophysics, Moho, Tomography